Every Adventure Has A Beginning

Real stories require more than one page to be properly told. Even if life flickers and fades from this world within a second, the tale of its journey stretches for eternity. For this reason, stories deserve consideration and time to unfold.

This story is no different. It doesn’t even know how to begin, yet, and look how many lines have been written!

The writer of a story is very important, and serves as both scribe and guide. They shape the story with details that lead the reader into the character’s experience.

The writer creates the experience for the reader.

The reader is most treasured by the writer, and is no less important! Once presented with the story, the reader is immediately empowered to accept or reject it. If the story is accepted, the reader decides how much, and how often, attention is given to the story. Although, the writer sets things in motion, the reader chooses how they will react. The reader determines if the story is meaningful to them, or not.

If you have just read (or been read) these words, two things have happened. First, you have identified me as the writer. Secondly, you have become the reader. If you accept the story, from this point on, you and I have a relationship!

This story is only beginning, but it will be an adventure. Sometimes, it will feel familiar. Other times, it will take you to unknown, fantastical places!

Since this tale is in the making, you will receive it in chapters. You won’t know when the next part is coming. Along with each chapter, you will receive a challenge, because every adventure has them.

Shall we continue the relationship?

The real question is, dear Reader:  Do you accept my story?

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