Hand in Hand



A path lit in purple,

Pulsing to a beat

Of deep angelic voices,

Praising at His feet.


Although paved in gemstones –

Topaz, emerald, more,

My feet fell upon softness

Never felt before.


A hand held mine gently,

Radiating peace,

Much more than mere emotion,

Pray, never to cease.


Allowing Love to lead,

Without spoken words,

I turned back once in wonder

Of the praises heard.


Turning, I released Him,

Looking to the past.

I found no answers back there,

Forward-facing, fast.


Our hands sought each other’s,

Effortlessly so.

I dared not gaze upon Him.

Why, I do not know.


Again, we walked forward,

Into brilliant light.

Mystery ahead,

Beautiful and bright.


I knew glory waited

Just around the bend.

Even so, I slowed my pace.

Must this journey end?


To walk with Him was joy.

My heart longed for more.

He slowed pace, as if for me.

More time to adore!


Standing with the Lover

Of my elated soul,

Beneath boughs of bejeweled trees,

No desire to go.


Once more I glanced ahead,

Lured by glory’s call.

“Wait with me,” my Lover spoke.

“Soon, you’ll see it all.”


Beyond content with Him,

Needing no one more,

I chose pleasure in the Path.

Joy, forevermore!

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