Good Morning

The morning was misty, with a silvery blue glow illuminating the skyline

The clouds took their places, and the promise of a new day glimmered golden ’round their edges

Silhouetted treetops gave glory to the glow, lessening themselves to magnify the light

A solitary song rang out from the rising mist, followed by a melodious chorus of many

The atmosphere answered with electric anticipation

Darkness drifted back to shadow, replaced by gentle radiance

The heavens rejoiced in cascades of color

Birdsong faded, and creation held its breath

The golden globe arose from the horizon

Lazy dew drops were suddenly diamonds

Risen mists, touched with purity, transformed into feathers of white

Revealing truth touched every shadow

Majesty cloaked creation with hope fulfilled, and more hope, still

The birds burst forth, again, in worship and praise

I turned my face into the risen sun

Rays of warmth cupped my cheek

A sweet whisper touched my spirit

“Good morning, my beloved.”


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