LL | The Ugly Truth – We Don’t Really Want To Be A Christian


Rejoicing In Hope

One woman.

Exposed. Humiliated. Alone.

Thrown in the dirt by those who call themselves religious.

In her weakest, most needy moment, she received nothing but judgment and certain death. These were the men who prided themselves in being God’s chosen. They paraded around in their “goodness,” and yet in her moment of trouble, there was nothing truly good in how they treated her.

This woman caught in adultry, though gulity, was in need of something greater than judgment.

She needed mercy. Forgiveness.

Jesus saw beyond her sins and her scars and chose mercy.

My husband has this saying, a twist on an original, that goes: “Everyone wants to be a Christian, until it’s time to do Christian things.”

How often do we play the “Christian” game, parading around in our standards and “goodness,” and yet miss the very mission of Christ? He went out of His way for the…

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