Peace in the Final Moments of a Season


Overcast morning sky; absence of car engines pushing people hurriedly to routine obligations; last minute conversations relayed by the fiddling of one wing against the other; the occasional open and close of a door; calls from a crow in the distance, followed by protest from another bird in flight; an isolated lyric from one single songbird erupts to mesmerize, then abruptly ends; surreal sounds, made thus by a transfiguring breeze, blowing over and thru all.

This wind is constant, and it sets everything it touches into motion. Tree leaves prance and pirouette at its caress. Blooms sway to and fro – wildflowers, morning glories and roses alike. Surely, every living thing recognizes that this is no ordinary current of air. The atmosphere, although sunless and gray, is waking.

The wind is cooler and crisper. Cooler…yes, yet electric with expectation.

Here is my peace. Here is my fulfillment. It is carried to me on the winds of change.

My peace is not found in the sureness and security of sameness.

My peace is found, not in the trudgery and drudgery of seeking IT.

My peace is found in the One Who washes me in waves of transforming change.

My peace is found in the One Who awakens my spirit to the possibilities and purpose of a new season.

My peace is found in the One Who holds me and consoles me in His comforting embrace, as I wait for His best.

My peace is found in the One who arouses my spiritual senses to search for Him, above all else.

My peace is found in the One Who electrifies the very air I breathe with His own life-giving breath.

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