Snapshots of Revival – This is REVIVAL


Today, day 7 of this sweeping revival of God’s love, I feel as if I am, at last, resting in it. It’s not a sluggish rest, not a rest that calls for slumber…Not that at all! It is more like a surrendering acceptance of whatever God wants to do in me.

One thing the Lord has impressed upon me these past glorious days, is that He wants to continue our rendezvous. Several years ago, after hearing His voice clearly for the first time, I began walking, per His instruction. Every step I have taken has led me closer to Him.

There is something so significant in my relationship with Him, pertaining to taking steps. I hear Him when I am moving, and I listen to Him. Other times, in prayer and worship, I am tempted to do most of the talking. Putting one foot in front of the other distracts my flesh from its selfishness and stills my spirit.

Here I am Lord, and I will walk with You!

So, I have resumed our rendezvous, and it is nothing short of glorious.

This morning, I took my dog, Joy, with me to the river at Boonesboro. We walked the park, and then we walked the riverbank. The sun was already up, and the leaves of the trees lining the sandy shore reflected its brilliance like a sea of shining emeralds. A gaggle of geese gathered at the water’s edge, and small fishers dove to the surface of the deeper flow, snatching up bugs and minnows. Here and there, silvery-sheened driftwood rested in the sand. I sat down on a large piece of it, and soaked in the atmosphere.

As I closed my eyes, a refreshing breeze began to brush over me. By the time it reached me, it had swept over the face of the waters, and carried its coolness. I stayed there for a while, allowing God to lavish His love upon me.

In seconds or minutes, I’m not quite sure, God brought to remembrance the previous night’s revival service. During worship, I found myself in a state of distraction. I didn’t want to miss anything of God, so I chose to lay prostrate on the floor. There, I was able to surrender my complete attention to Him. Feeling the worship music reverberate from the sanctuary floor, through my body, it was as if my every cell was giving Him glory. I began to feel a breeze pass over my back. I thought it must have been a current caused by someone passing behind me, or stepping over me, as they worshipped. The wind waxed and waned, but never completely stopped. It felt as though someone was fanning me with a very large fan. It was cool and clean, and stirring to my spirit. It brought peace and, simultaneously, incited action.

After church, I found that others had felt the same sensation, and some had seen angels. No, it wasn’t the a/c unit. No, it wasn’t a crowd of people swishing back and forth behind me, nor was it any person with a fan.

Sitting on that driftwood stump, on the sandy bank of river, after having submitted to my Lord’s call to walk with Him, He made last night’s events more clear.

Angels, indeed, and they were fanning the flame.

This is revival. This is us, meeting in unity, sharing the same hunger for God in the same moment. This is us, reaching Heaven with our praise and our pleas, and God responding. Hosts of angels go before Him, preparing the atmosphere for His presence by fanning our dwindling flames! The brush of their wings is cooling in comparison to the growing intensity of God’s holy fire! This is revival. This is the presence of God settling upon His people. This is a people, His people, being restored and recognizing, once again, the sound of the Master’s voice, the touch of His mighty hand, and seeking nothing less than the glory of His countenance!

This is the church, waking up refreshed to fulfill its purpose for God’s kingdom!


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