Snapshots of Revival – Tower of Strength


He is a pillar. Every service, his eyes are trained to follow the leading of the Spirit, anticipating and searching out those whose physical bodies threaten to collapse under the heaviness of God’s presence. His frame and build draw upon the strength of his heavenly father, for many are the toppling timbers, and some tower above him. Defining dependability, he is forever faithful in his servitude. No matter the weightiness of his task, he is unafraid.

Tonight, he has been momentarily, lovingly, relieved of his watch. Here he is, arms outstretched and eyes transfixed on glorious things eternal. On the verge of collapse, he pays no mind to who might break his own fall. His heart knows the faithfulness of God, and his mind is unconcerned with such trivialities.

He wavers, yet emulates the fortitude of his father. He stands under the burden of blessing, with a slight grin that only hints of the glorious visitation upon his heart.

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