Snapshots of Revival – Daughter of the King


As soon as worship began, she found her place at the altar. As close as she could get, without ascending the steps, she began her worship simultaneously with the music. At first, it appeared that she had begun to rock back and forth to the beat of the drum. But she wasn’t keeping time with anything discernable by physical ears…she was swaying in the flow of God’s sweeping presence. Her movement, and the ease with which she allowed herself to be moved, spoke of the vibrancy of youth. Bold. Unapologetic. Drawing attention. A judgmental mind might, upon first glance, attribute her dance to a desire to display herself, perhaps to the boys and young men who had accompanied her to the front of the sanctuary. Once glimpsed, however, her countenance dispelled the judgement. Her face was aglow, and her smile was not the smile of a girl seeking the eye of a possible suitor. No, her smile was the smile of a young girl delighting in the love of her Father. She danced, she stretched her arms toward the heavens, and she praised Him! Her long, dark hair, flowing like smooth spun silk, fanned about her as she allowed God’s gift of freedom to engulf her. She had the attention of her Father, and He had hers. Such intimate tenderness and purity of joy between Father and child…yet it did not remain solitary to her experience. The joy WAS the very air being breathed in the room. Everyone partook, and this precious picture of praise was only one small sentiment of the divine invitation to inhale.

She danced and she danced!

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