Taste and See


This morning, I am sitting on my back patio, keyboard at my fingertips, waiting on the Lord. This is one of those precious meeting places, where He knows that He can get my attention. It’s always glorious.
For my birthday, my beloved husband bought me a very nice birdfeeder, and my son provided the means from which to hang it in our backyard. What a thoughtful gift from the two men in my life, considering the pleasure God brings to my heart thru birdsong!
I really am a blessed woman.
It took a few days for the birds to find the feeder. I guess I expected them to flock to it immediately, smelling the scrumptious seeds from flight. I waited. I Googled. I learned something. Birds don’t find food that way…They located it by sight. They have to be actively searching for food and lay their eyes upon it, in order to recall its whereabouts. So, it took a few days. First, a beautiful pair of blue jays pecked at the seed that my son had wisely scattered on the ground surrounding the feeder. Then a squirrel found the ground seed. Next, the blackbirds showed up. Over a period of several days, one by one, the birds located the storehouse of nourishment that hung above the scattered seed.
Now, it’s commonplace to look out back and see the blue jays, blackbirds, cardinals, and squirrels sharing in the provision together…each with its own unique display of colorful plumage…each with its own melodious praise. I imagine that, along with the praise being lifted, their songs are calling out to others of their kind, drawing them in to experience a taste of easy nourishment.
This morning, when I first stepped outside, the feeder was empty. There wasn’t a bird in the yard. Maybe they had been momentarily frightened away by my dog – she loves to chase whatever moves, and she has made it her mission to keep the squirrels and blackbirds on their toes. Whatever the reason for their flight, they hadn’t flown far. A solid row of raucous blackbirds lined the overheard utility wires and filled the trees above. Being moved for a moment was not going to shut them up, either! Less like song, and more like assault, their voices rose above every other sound, drowning out even the noisiest a/c units in the neighborhood. I’m sure they were letting my dog now, in no uncertain terms, that they weren’t giving up. That food was put there for them; they aimed to have it; and they were inviting even more friends to partake in the blessing with them!
*Pause…The first tiny, golden finch just made an appearance. One bright little swoop from the bluest of skies, thru the yard, before landing in the neighbor’s tree…scoping things out. He will be back!*
From the moment I stepped outside, I knew that this backyard beauty wasn’t only for my visual and audible pleasure, but for my spiritual health, as well. Can you see the message of Revival here? If so, rejoice with me, that we serve a God Who speaks to us through every detail of our days! If not, bear with me while I attempt to explain what my spirit has received this morning, because it is something truly worth sharing.
The birdfeeder is the nourishment provided by God…the nourishment that rejuvenates us, revives us. We have sought it out, because we have been hungry. We have looked high and low to find the only thing, the only One, that can satisfy our craving for more! We’ve kept our eyes open, and we have waited on God. We’ve tested the environment for safety, and we have found that this nourishment is meant for us. We partake in it’s goodness, but not long before the desire to testify of His presence overcomes our own longing for satisfaction. One by one, church by church, we arrive at the same level of hunger, and it drives us to the overflow, and then to the very source. The notion of denominational differences is no longer a consideration. Just like the cardinals and the blue jays, we dine on His divine presence side by side, and all the while, we shout out the invitation to more of our kind.
“Come! Join us! This is good! This is for us! This is for us all!”
No longer is “us” a fellow Pentecostal, Methodist, or Baptist. “Us” is God’s church…His people…and we all partake together!
The enemy understands revival, too, and he will do what he can to elicit fear. He will continue, and even increase his attacks, when he sees us dining together on God’s refreshing goodness. But he can’t chase us away! We are too hungry to leave! When the devil attacks, we band together, like a rowdy band of blackbirds on a wire, and we make a loud noise! We know what belongs to us, by right of being a child of God, and not only will we have it, but we will continually extend the invitation to all who have ears! We won’t give up and go. We are hungry, and Revival is ours.
You’re hungry, too. You’ve searched and searched, and you just can’t find anything to fill that void. Can you imagine, for a moment, that you’ve been looking in the wrong places, for the wrong things? You were created for more than you’ve cared to consider. There is a reservoir of God’s goodness waiting for you! Come have a taste! This is Revival! It’s here! Come! Join us! This is good! This is for us! This is for us all!

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