Intimate Identity



This is a painting called Fairytale Pathway, by Mevludin Sejmenovic. I don’t know much about the artist, but this is the closest reflection I could find of a vision that God gifted me. In the vision, I was walking hand in hand with Him, on a pulsing purple-lit path. The light kept time with the melodic voices of an unseen chorus of angels. The path was laid with precious stones, yet every step fell upon a softness, as of feather down.


It still strikes me as odd, after all these years, that the Lord would speak to me as I speak, put pen to paper, or tap a keyboard. That He would hold back a revelation, waiting for the moment that I open a line of communication…For someone who undoubtedly discerns His call to communicate His goodness to others, this makes faith and trust in Him of the utmost importance. So it was on the day I responded to a Facebook post of a respected evangelist. He was posing a question that required a thoughtful response. I am paraphrasing, of course, but his question sought to make one think about the basis of one’s relationship with God…written word (bible), or Holy Spirit (God Himself). As I responded, I was, as always, struck by the simplicity of it all. He had posed a question, not to impugn the bible, but to draw readers near to the truth of God’s desire for us to form a close personal relationship with Him, not merely a book. I understood this instantly, as did others. Yet, there were some who immediately began to defend God’s written word, as if from attack. That is what we do, isn’t it? We get a piece of the truth, or one aspect of it – the bible, in this case – and we run with it. Yes, the bible is God’s own words, expressed on paper, meant for us to study, to absorb into our hearts. His written word is everlasting truth, and it is a love letter to us all. But the Lover of our souls wants to express himself to us in more ways than love letters. He wants to touch us, and touch us deeply. He wants intimacy. As I was responding to this post, indicating in the simplest way possible that I understood and agreed with the point the evangelist was making, God dropped these two words into my spirit: Intimate Identity. That is the Holy Spirit. He IS the intimate identity of God! He is God here and now, living inside us, making Himself one with us. Yes, Jesus is the groom, and the church is His bride…The Holy Spirit IS the brush of a lover’s hand across the cheek of his beloved, his longing look into the eyes of his betrothed. Intimacy involves so much more than written expression. It involves submission of the heart, the spirit, and the mind. The Holy Spirit is the caress, the long talks that last until the morning sun rises. He is the intimate expression that longs to know and be known. God’s own Intimate Identity holds all our hopes for the glorious union that will take place on high. I will continue to read and reread His love letters, because I need to know more about Him! I will receive His touch upon my face, as I seek to touch His, also! I will embrace every part and particle of Him that I can, until we are truly together on golden streets, walking hand in hand, on purple-lit paths of topaz, emerald, and amber.

Reverend Tom Springer is the evangelist who posed the question on Facebook, and he followed by preaching a New Years sermon about idolatry, that I HIGHLY recommend. Check out the link on my Nourishment page, and look for his sermon from December 31, 2017.

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