Receiving Contentment


The sun hid behind a sea of clouds. Rolling grays washed the firmament in waves. It was under that cover that my heart learned of, and received, a new level of contentment for the day.

Although rain was imminent, not a drop had fallen. The slight breeze rustled through the dryness of fallen leaves and brittle grasses. A crackling cry arose from the thirsty earth, wanton of refreshment. The fields of wildflowers, once alive in yellows, purples and whites, now gave way to shades of cream, cinnamon, and ash. Where vibrant blooms once topped supple green stems, now fluffy seed pods sat atop slender beige wisps.


I found myself feeling nostalgic for the glory of seasons passed. My flesh wanted to hold onto those feelings. It wanted to mourn the passing of green for gray. It wanted to relive the newness of Springtime and Summer’s endless days.

I couldn’t linger long on those thoughts, because the Lover of My Soul chose that moment to reveal His own mind on the matter.

His sweet voice fell into my spiritual ears, much like the lilt and sway of a falling leaf to the ground below. When it had gently reached its place of rest, it was there. Just like that…JUST LIKE THAT…

He could easily give us those things that once brought us unprecedented joy. He could simply breath the glory of days-gone-by back into existence, and we would receive them with gladness. 20170908_18420920170908_184828

But He wants us to have MORE!

He wants us to experience more of Him, and more of all He has to offer. He wants to take us from glory to glory. How can He do that if our only desire is to go back to the glories of yesterday? We must be willing to be carried into His future for us. We must look to the changes around us, not with dread nor despair, but with quite the opposite. We need to see the beauty in the seedpods! We need to listen, once more, to the rustle of dry grasses…listen with different ears. It is not music? His very own song, created to serenade us into a new season?
Instead of longing for what has passed away, be it youth, relationships, titles, or mindsets, let us take hold of and truly embrace His notion of newness…The progression of glory to glory! Let us not ache for bygone bliss, but anticipate joys of which we cannot imagine!

” See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.”Isaiah 43:19

How can He do a new thing, if we refuse to let go of yesterday?
The browns, beiges, and grays of later Autumn are beautiful. They are purposed to give rest to my eyes and His revelation to my spirit. No longer can I lament over the loss of old glories.
I will take joy in the wait, as I continue to place one foot in front of the other.
Take me someplace new, Lord…a new place in You. I am ready.




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