Lessons Learned on a Fall Morning


His canvas is a cascade, from the wisdom of deep to the newness of baby blue. On that canvas, He has tested His brushstrokes in shades of gray, sandstone and peach. He has experimented with techniques of His trade, and the result is nothing short of another masterpiece. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of another day.

Past the tops of silhouetted trees, the caresses of ever-changing color seem to hover, motionless. Then, my eyes notice slight movement of those to my left. They are gently gliding to the right, toward the return of the sun. Glancing to the right of that place, the movement appears to be opposite. It seems as though the flow of firmament is split, and on course to collide upon itself. Oh, what a collision of color that might be! Thank you, Lord, for change.

Overhead, flock after faithful flock of birds, on their morning migration for nourishment, fill the sky with excited cries. The horizon is now textured with an overlay of tiny black dots. I lay back my head, staring up at the mass of movement, in awe of their unity. Occasionally, a straggler will turn back, but most are caught up and carried forward again. Thank you, Lord, for the courage of those who redirect the stragglers.

As the waves of flight wash past, my eyes fall to the horizon again, and I am astonished. The paths of movement have changed course. Instead of meeting, both the left and the right seem to have turned completely away from one another, now moving in opposite directions. Curious, I stare at the measured movement intensely, only to discern yet another change of course in the clouds. How could this be? They are slowly moving, yet it becomes so difficult to judge the direction. My gaze seeks out the steadfastness of the tree-lined vista, and truth is revealed! Every wisp and feather was moving in the same direction, and had been all along. How could I have been so deceived? Thank you, Lord, for revelation.
When you are favored to witness the splendor of His creation, remain thankful. He has blessed you with another day, and that means you are not finished. There are still opportunities to learn about, and grow closer to Him. When you don’t understand change, appreciate its beauty! He will show you things of which your mind could never dream nor imagine! When you do falter and succumb to the temptation to turn and flee, give Him praise for placing you in the midst of courageous saints who aren’t afraid to redirect your flight pattern. When you have lost your sense of direction, and can no longer make sense of what you see in the natural, anchor your eyes upon the One Who is steadfast and unchanging. Let His faithfulness determine the truth of your position and your perception, then you can follow the flow of His revelation.

 “But you are to cling to the LORD your God, as you have done to this day.” -Joshua 23:8

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