Reclaim Your Peace


 I’ve removed the daily news from my life, and my spirit rejoices in the respite. I don’t – and I will be bold enough to say, also, that WE don’t – need the daily barrage of negativity. More than simply not being needed, it is dangerous to our very existence. Where is faith when you have to keep tuning into television or turning to social media to get a glimpse of the saga’s progression?

Oh, we do make things so complicated! Complication = Confusion. Our God is NOT a god of confusion. Confusion comes from the enemy. THE enemy. Your enemy is NOT the person next door with a different shade of skin, and your enemy is NOT the person down the street who struggles with sin. Your enemy, and the enemy of mankind, is Satan. He has successfully infiltrated our existence to the point that many, many people cannot even envision the true realm of our being – the spiritual realm. We allow the storms of living to whisk us this way and that, and we think we are subject to staying wherever we wind up. Many have become prisoners of both circumstances and feelings.

But God is GREATER!

Let me just say this:  You are not doing yourself, your family, or your country a disservice by turning down your daily dose of discouraging media hype. In fact, you will do them a much greater service by setting your sights and your attention on the promises of God, and the MANY GOOD THINGS with which He has blessed you.

There is a recipe for peace, and it’s not in a cookbook. It is in that Bible that has been laying on your table, pleading for consideration.

You can CHOOSE joy and peace, over the chaos and confusion.


Take a walk, a hike, a bike ride. Let the wind hit your face. Exercise those muscles that have atrophied from too much attention to the television.

Maybe you will find yourself strolling in a garden, appreciating the varying shades, shapes and sizes of all that grows and blooms there.


Get your mind on the simple things which, in reality, are the important things.

Love God, and love one another.

Choose Blessing!!!


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