The Blues


The sun is rising again, and I am truly touched by the gentleness of the process. Day does not explode into existence, instantly obliterating every dim corner of the earth. Instead, we are tenderly led through a beautiful process. Our eyes are enticed by the first hint of horizon, and we dare not look away. Nothingness becomes something of ethereal beauty, and it moves through a kaleidoscope of blues…indigo, zaffre, cobalt, then the softness of celeste. Only then does the radiance ignite the sky, hypnotizing us with display after unfolding display of glorious masterpiece.

This dawn of day beautifully reflects the revelation of our Father’s love. Would we not be blinded to see it all at once? He gives us a glimpse of His saving grace, and we are mesmerized. Every step of every day, we watch as the glory of His love transforms us, bringing us into His brilliance.

God wants us to see the big picture that He has placed before us, but we tend to focus on the pieces sometimes. Once we begin to walk in that radiance, it can be easy to glance back in judgement at those who are still moving through the blues. We might not see it as judgement on our parts. We might just be feeling pained that those people aren’t moving quicker than they are. We might even see it as encouragement and, as Christians, we are ALL about encouragement.

Just remember, every one of us has moved through the shades of salvation. We have been lifted from the depths of despair and set on a path that is constantly moving us from one color of His love to another.

Oxford Dictionaries defines color as “the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light”. To see color, any color, there must be light…right?

Are you in the golden glow now? Once upon a time, you were in the indigo.

Let’s not grow impatient with each other. Let us seek to have God’s eyes and His view of the big picture. Let’s see the beauty in the transformation and the value in God’s timing.

There is Divine purpose in every hue that we pass through.

Let us love deeply and passionately, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead each other through the rising of the Son in our souls.




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