All Things New

9a9eaf38a3939c1a9d6401173f64ed16Silhouetted tree tops reach to the heavens as rose rises behind them. In an instant, the rose gives way to a fiery blushed orange. A gentle blue glides through, creating rivers amidst the flames. Steadfast in their seeking, the limbs provide contrast to the canvas and, in that contrast, there is glorious, fulfilled purpose.

I live for this moment, this beginning of a new day.

The sun returns. As the dew begins its ascent, having served to nourish during the dark hours, dawn breaks. Glory!

What will the Father have for us today? What will we learn today? What mysteries will be unraveled? What beauty will we experience?

Aren’t mornings just the absolute best?

His passion is to satisfy your hunger for His beauty.

This morning, I am considering the break of light upon those things that have been cloaked in darkness. There is overwhelming beauty in watching dismal demeanor change into hope, and then epiphany. A person can become enamored by this process, longing to bear witness to it over and over and over again. The world might call it addiction, but I think another word fits just a bit better.


Could it be that this passion for new beginnings…sunrises, new jobs, new clothes, new cars, new relationships, new friends, new homes, the fragrance of a new book, the potential of a brand new notebook…Could it be that we have allowed the workings of the world to twist and manipulate the true purpose of this innate love of new things?


I have never witnessed anything more lovely than the dawn of newness in the eyes of a lost person letting themselves be found. Hidden hope rises, slowly at first, and then it breaks! Rosy hues of Jesus’ precious blood – reds, pinks, corals -transform the horizon, as rivers of peace and living water begin to flow. The old nature slinks into shadow before the unfolding glory of God’s great love.

Are you hooked on the fresh things? Are you thrilled by beginnings, the budding blooms of Spring, the kaleidoscope of Fall? Consider the possibility that this is a quality purposed for spreading the life-giving gospel of Jesus! Consider that He has endowed us with a love for watching His purpose unfold on the countenance of our new brothers and sisters.

His passion is to satisfy your hunger for His beauty.

Now go. Let His love lead you into the dark world. Release His truth and watch it rise. Watch and take pleasure in it!

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