In His Presence



  IMG_1324– Psalm 139:7

There is no better place to be, than to be in the very presence of God.

The golden glow of morning is rising over the earth’s edge, birds are singing their songs of greeting, and two spirited pups are making sure that everyone in the house is awake to experience the newness of this day. Here I am, sitting in my comfy chair, taking it all in, as I begin to meditate on the presence of God.

In His presence…It is where we live and long to be. In His presence, our every need and desire is fulfilled to overflowing.

How do we enter into His presence? It has everything to do with the state of one’s heart. Our hearts must be broken for Him, allowing selfish things to drain out. Only then can He mend the brokenness and refill our hearts with His love. As deep calls to deep, that love calls to its Creator, and we are drawn into His presence.

What next? What happens in His presence? Is it enough to simply BE there?

In His presence, we can find:

Honor, majesty, strength and joy – I Chronicles 16:27

Rest – Exodus 33:14

Pleasures – Psalm 16:11

Refuge – Psalm 31:20

Security – Psalm 51:11

Transformation and refreshment – Acts 3:19

Reverence – Zephaniah 1:7

Deliverance – Psalm 9:3

Favor – Psalm 68:8

Conviction – Genesis 3:8

Judgement – Psalm 140:13

Cleansing – Jude 1:24-25

What is it that allows us to receive in His presence?

This, also, is a matter of the heart. It is not enough to merely seek to be held in His hands. We need to take pleasure in making ourselves pliable in His hands.

The very thing that allows us to receive Him and all that His presence promises, is surrender to the gentle pressures of His Holy hands. Our hearts have to give up the comfortable notions of security as it is defined by the world, as we embrace the changes incurred by the pressing and pulling, pinching and turning of the Potter.

  We need to take pleasure in making ourselves pliable in His hands.


This is not a one-time event. Yes, we surrender to accept our Savior as Lord of our lives, and we are transformed into new creatures. But to continue to grow into all that God has for us, our hearts should remain in a constant state of surrender. We can never have enough, but we must maintain the desire for more…more…more…

Let us give Him glory today, seeking His presence. Let us purpose ourselves to be pliable in the hands of our Master.


  1. janjoy52

    Better is one day in Your courts than thousands elsewhere! My heart and soul cries out for you the Living God!

    It’s so refreshing to read your words sweet sister and fellow Christ follower!

    I am pressing your post so others may share the same blessing! Have a lovely day!


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