Daily, my God nourishes me thru His presence, sustaining me with the sweetness of His Holy Spirit. I simply cannot live without Him.

Daily, also, He nourishes me thru the love of my husband who, with all sincerity, reflects the love of Jesus for His church. His love for the Lord is so true, so pure. His love for me has drawn me closer in relationship with my Creator, and I am a blessed, blessed, blessed wife!

And then there is my son, Skylar. The enemy tried to take him out as an infant, and several times as an adult, BUT GOD. Now, he has grown into, not just a man, but a Godly man. He seeks the Lord, above all else, and it shows when he opens his mouth. He is called to teach, and I am blessed to have a front row seat.

And my daughter, Karli. She has had some battles, and has the scars to prove it, BUT GOD. Every day that I see her growing past the fears that threatened to overtake her, I learn new lessons on the power of God’s divine love. Over and over again, I have witnessed our Mighty God fill her weak places with His strength. She is my example of an overcomer.

I continue to learn thru the steadfastness of my family.

Below is the link to River of Life Ministries, the church I attend, and where my husband and I serve as Evangelism Team Directors. Pastors Krista and Keith Hampton are the most devoted, loving pastors that I have encountered. Their ministry was born in the midst of revival, and they have tarried at River of Life, teaching and loving the community, for such a time as this!  I strongly encourage you to check out the live-streaming services at 11:00 a.m. every Sunday. You will receive a message straight from the throne of Heaven, and a touch of the Master’s hand!